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SW Nessma Speakers

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The designers behind SW Speakers have always been looking forward to bestowing their creations with gorgeous looks, entirely apart from the common designs of today. Their latest venture in this field has brought them to the Nessma speakers, which gorgeously and literally send music pouring down from the ceiling.

The Nessma speakers were created as single closed cabinet units. Future customers are given the option to choose from a coaxial seas excel element or a single 5-inch drive accompanied by a tweeter inside the cabinet. These stunning speakers perfectly fit any shallow room out there. Technically wise, the state of the art woofer boasts with outputs between 30 Hz and 3 kHz, while the tweeter range coaxial delivers between 2 kHz and 30 kHz, which is quite odd, as the human ear can only perceive up to 16-20 kHz.

The Nessma speakers are able to handle as much as 220 W if used for short periods of time, but for longer use they’ll be averaging 80W or lower for each speaker, without any sort of added noises or clipping. They are also lightweight, each of the lot tipping the scales at 7 kg.

The speakers were crafted from carbon fiber and boast a similarly light adjustable hanging cable. They are available in any RAL or carbon fiber shade and boasts price tags that start at $3,883 for each speaker.

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