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The Perrier-Jouët Enchanting Tree

By Brian Pho


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Here are images of the Enchanting Tree, a gorgeous interpretation of the Perrier Jouët Champagne Tree courtesy of Tord Boontje. This superb reification  encompasses a stunning leafy, plant-like structure to be presented alongside the gorgeously rare and deliciously tasting champagne.

Through this, Tord Boontje brings the idea of spring into the world of Perrier Jouët, this series being also said to “welcome spring in full bloom” and style. The gorgeous tree-like structure is so nicely manufactured that when you pick out any of the flutes it suspends, you almost feel like there is someone within that tree who carefully handles you a glass of the exquisite drink.

If you come to think of it, this idea further enhances the feeling of spring, when the first fruits start getting ripe and gardeners pick them from the trees. Acclaimed designer Tord Boontje himself had come up with the idea, during his walks through the forest. He describes: “My ideas come from my walks in the forest and from observing the interaction between light and nature.”

Apart from this, the history of these sort of artworks dates back to 1902, when Emil Galle had created similar works by spraying white anemones for the Perrier Jouët bottles through her observations of the natural world. So, the Enchanting Tree is the ultimate reification of Emil Galle’s works, which have bestowed by Tord Boontje with livelihood, new shapes and glitter. In addition, those who purchase such delicately beautiful ornamentations are guaranteed with bragging rights about the craftsmanship as being integrated part of the design. The leaves were individually designed and manufactured by hand while the anemones were lacquered in pristine white in order the bestow these “trees” with poetic delicacy and purity.


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