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Sunreef 75 sailing catamaran by Sunreef Yachts

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Designed as an heir of the Sunreef 80 Ultimate, the Sunreef 75 is projected by Sunreef Yachts, after a long break from making designer yachts or catamarans. They have now presented a series of projects, large catamarans, including the above-mentioned one, combining state-of-the-art technology and engineering, green technology and amenities worthy of top luxury yachts.

The hull is built from carbon fiber in such a way that it helps the engine propel the vessel, making the propeller’s life easier. It’s a 75-foot ship, with a purely sleek design, with stepped hull chins and reverse bow; all these add to the catamaran’s performance, not sacrificing its looks and the comfort it provides.

The rears of the boat, both on the lower and the upper decks, comprise open lounges with polished teakwood. These lounges can simply be used for relaxation, or, the one on the upper deck can be used as a beautiful sunbathing area, partially covered for a bit of shadow. On the same upper deck there are the pilot’s control area and slots for the all-important solar-panels, which are destined to fully meet the yacht’s energy requirements.

They are also used for water-heating, in case any guest wants to take a hot bath. Many parts of the yacht are covered in glass, allowing sunlight to penetrate deep inside, plus putting out a bit of shade for the occupants. They also provide superb views of the deck and of the surroundings.

Being still a project, the designers haven’t yet established the list of amenities it will come with, but the sure thing is that the ship will comprise a dining / bar area that can accommodate 8 persons; these will be able to make use of the three cabins, while the host / owner will spend his time inside a separate master suite, located on the main deck.

Another good reason to purchase this yacht is the option to customize the interior as the client desires, from furniture to paint and all other amenities. Technical details follow: a 5000-liter gas tank, two twin Yanmar powerplants that will be able to propel the catamaran with a maximum speed of 20 knots and a speed of cruising of 11 knots.


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