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Stylish Natural Stone Bathtubs from yourStoneBath

In case you need something special to decorate your bathroom with and to make it feel one-of-a-kind, yourStoneBath, an US-based supplier of hand-sculpted natural stone bathtubs, has released a series of quite unique ways to warm yourself up. Considering that every model is unique, due to the boulders’ coloration, structure and shape, they can make you feel really special.

The focal point of the company is to bring natural shapes and materials into our bathrooms. The Natural Stone Bathtub collection features tubs hand-crafted from unique boulders, the overall looks and content of each of them being one-of-a-kind. The inside is polished until a smooth surface is created, for maximum comfort, also boasting interesting designs and weird patterns.

They can be easily taken as stand-alone works of art, given the difficulty with which they are executed and the beauty they reveal after the carving process. We don’t yet have any clue regarding the prices, but we do know that the lightest of them weight more than a ton and that the shipping adds a few hundred dollars to their price.



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