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Stilwater Fishery offers spectacular views of Killearn, Scotland

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Set amidst six acres of land, with mature gardens and a private loch, Stilwater Fishery is one of the most distinguished contemporary properties in Killearn, Scotland.

The building is set over two levels, boasting glass walls in many of the rooms, which offer excellent views of the loch as well as the glorious surrounding natural landscape. Uniquely, there is also a wrap-around veranda that sits on the edge of the loch, meaning it is possible to fish literally from the property’s front door.

Those who revel in the beauty of the great outdoors will truly appreciate the setting of Stilwater. This house is built to take in the location’s natural beauty, with the dramatic windows forming framed living images of the area.

For the majority, those walls that aren’t made from glass are painted in bright neutrals to reflect the copious amount of natural light that floods into the property. The inherent beauty of nature eliminates the need for man-made patterned wall-paper or fussy artwork.

In the lounge, one wall is made entirely of glass, featuring views that stretch across the loch and across the green, distant hills. The other wall is white with a country-style open fireplace, allowing for cosy nights by the lake during every season of the year. There is little about this home that is rustic in style, but the overall effect allows the property to work with the natural environment in a way few contemporary builds can surpass, or even match.

The reflection of the natural world is a theme that runs throughout Stilwater. In fact, while the design is contemporary, there are a number of features that meld seamlessly with the property’s natural surroundings. The roof, for example, is manufactured from slate like a number of the homes in the nearby village. Additionally, the wall which divides the downstairs living and kitchen space is built from traditional country stone, reflecting the borders built for centuries by farmers in nearby fields.

Within Stilwater, you will find an array of reflective surfaces that provide a mirror image of the still waters by which the property stands. Glass adorns the property, and is even used to great effect to create the cantilevered staircase leading to the apartments upstairs. The kitchen boasts a high-gloss black finish and the polished American walnut flooring is modern in look and feel, while retaining a natural warmth.

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