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The Steampunk-Themed Baron Luxury Safe by Boca Do Lobo

By Brody Patterson


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Steampunk is a science-fiction subgenre that features modern technology and machinery as if it were powered by steam engines – basically, the contemporary world if electricity wasn’t around. Boca do Lobo design studio has tried to capture the essence of steampunk with this Baron Luxury private safe box.

According to the company, the safe is designed to safely keep valuable jewelry and other precious items, while also being a luxurious safe in and of itself, adding a touch of class to any room it’s in. Inspired by Swiss watchmaking techniques, it has a wooden structure lined with polished brass. Those brass and stainless steel gears, as well as the rest of the mechanism, are all visible from the outside, while the opening system uses an automatic engine controlled via remote.

The exclusive, high-end Baron Luxury safe comes with a price tag of about $82,000 and can also be customized for an extra fee.

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