The Most Expensive iPhone Accessories Ever – Gresso’s Titanium Bumpers

This Russian luxury mobile phone company is known for the extravagant devices it releases – one of them even made our list of top 10 most expensive phones ever, so it’s no surprise they know a thing or two about creating top-notch accessories, too. This time we’re showcasing the Gresso Titanium Bumpers, made from grade 5 Titanium, the most expensive iPhone 5/5S accessories in the world.

It’s unlikely anyone will pay $1000 to $10,000 just to keep their iPhone safe (unless it’s one of those multi-million-dollar ones, one would think), but these bumpers offer so much more than that. Each piece features the brand logo in yellow or white 18kt gold, with Italian leather or even crocodile leather on the back panel. Gresso has created not a simple accessory, but a jewel in its own right.

The technical specs of these accessories keep up with the aesthetics: the ultra slim bumper features an innovative opening mechanism, with a unique patent magnetic lock ensuring it opens and closes with a single move. The grade 5 Titanium plate also undergoes hours of treatment and polish to ensure it’s not only strong, but looks perfect as well.

The Gresso Titanium Bumper is already available for sale, with the color options to choose from: original titanium and black.