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SSC Tuatara is closer to production

By Brian Pho


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SSC North America have recently announced the Tuatara is now significantly closer to series production, the brand having completed testing the twin-turbo V8 engine on the car.

The 6.9-liter (423 cubic inches) engine reportedly delivers a jaw-dropping 1,350 HP (1,007 kW) and 1,733 Nm (1,280 lb-ft) of torque if running on 91 Octane fuel. These numbers are extremely astonishing compared to everything we have seen so far. If these all turn out to be accurate, this car will be a damn lot faster than any Veyron out there. According to SSC, the powerful engine on the Tuatara is even able to exceed 1,700 HP (1,268 kW) in certain conditions.

Even though it may sound contradictory, the Tuatara will be “amazingly docile”, in contrast to the humongous force of propulsion it delivers. It is even said to deliver “incredible daily drivable characteristics that truly mask the savage beast within”. Jerod Shelby, the founder of SSC, describes: “This amazingly versatile package has already shown that it can easily be driven on a daily basis in any climate or environment in the world and at the same time can roll out of the pit area onto a track like Nürburgring and easily handle any rigors that record will require.”

Ever wondered what sort of speeds this car is able to reach? Well we did and we found out – SSC materials state speeds of 275 mph (442.5 km/h) and acceleration times from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) of 2.5 seconds, all delivered by a car that tips the scales at 2,750 lbs (1,247 kg) dry.


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