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Spyker B6 VENATOR concept

By Brian Pho


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Spyker is a relatively new automotive brand, having been founded back in 1999. They have captured great attention, though, especially with the Dutch-manufactured luxurious supercar known as the Spyker C8 Aileron. Their last work is, just like the previous, a hugely good looking car with stunning performance.

The latest concept, dubbed the Spyker B6 VENATOR, is a hunter indeed, as its Latin name suggests. Just like most supercars, it boasts with a centrally-mounted engine, the ability of carrying two adults and a design that we reportedly inspired by the aircraft industry. As the model is destined to be sold to a few, extremely select customers, they will surely be some extremely rare sights on the road. Apart from the airplane-industry design, the car has been fitted with top notch performance parts and a high performance powertrain.

And apart from all the good looks and luxury, this baby would do more than 200 mph on the road and will accelerate quite mind-bogglingly fast. These owe partially to the 375 HP V6 engine hiding under the bonnet of the B6. The previous model, the C8 Aileron, comes with a more powerful engine, though, the Audi-sourced V8 delivering 400 HP. Don’t be hasty, the smaller engine on the B6 doesn’t necessarily mean lower performance. It is, in fact, quite a superb piece of equipment, much more environmentally friendly and way easier to handle. Their performance figures are relatively the same. The cabin is extremely luxurious, garnished with custom leather design from Royal Hulshof Dutch Tanneries alongside an instrument panel inspired from the aviation industry fitted with aluminium switches and an exposed gear changing mechanism.

This situation is quite clear – Spyker has spent no expense in ending up with a magnificent piece of engineering, still a concept though.


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