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Spire London Reaches For The Skies And Our Hearts

By Victor Baker


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Spire London

Spire London is a new incredible 771-feet building set to be completed by 2020 in the heart of London, when it will become Western Europe’s tallest residential tower. Designed by the talented Larry Malcic and Christopher Colosimo from HOK, the 67-story building was inspired by the beautiful orchid, hence this superb petal-shaped design.

The tower’s pinnacle is created from three petals joined together to create faceted glass façades with prow and bow contours, while the angled roof allows the penthouse to benefit from some breathtaking external terraces. The bronze-colored metal details were inspired by the historic tan bricks of the neighboring buildings, making sure this tower blends in but also stands out beautifully in its neighborhood.

The tower has been actually designed to provide the highest and most far-reaching views of London ever, and the lucky residents of this skyscraper will have the privilege to use one of nine elevators to get to their home faster.

Spire London

Spire London has been imagined to be the next iconic landmark on London’s skyline, and judging by the looks of things, everything is on course. The imposing residential tower will boast 861 luxury suites and duplex penthouses, alongside mesmerizing social areas, glass winter gardens, landscaped terraces, public open spaces, and outdoor and indoor children’s play areas.

There’s something for everyone, undoubtedly at a super high cost. Future residents will also benefit from a special concierge service, plus a spa with a swimming pool, several lounge areas and a jacuzzi. The gymnasium and fitness studio will keep them in shape, while the club room should provide the appropriate levels of entertainment. So where do you want to live by 2020?

Spire London

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