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Sleep Beautifully in One of These Incredible Savoir Beds

By Victor Baker


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Artsy Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds, a British company that’s synonymous with hand-crafted designer beds and luxury mattresses, has recently unveiled probably the next best thing for a good night’s sleep. The luxury bed maker has teamed up with London’s National Gallery to turn their exquisite beds into functional works of art – quite literally.

You see, Savoir is inviting future customers to create a masterpiece for their own bedroom, allowing them to incorporate any painting from the National Gallery into their dream bed. If you want to buy a mattress online, this might just be out of your budget.

With a wide array of storied artworks from Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet or Van Gogh, we’re pretty sure you will find the right painting for you. And if you think it’s easy to make one of these beds, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Artsy Savoir Beds

Savoir works closely with design and upholstery specialists to make sure these paintings are as close as possible to the originals, using the latest technology to get them printed on fabric. Customers could pick between lustrous velvet, versatile cotton or textured linen viscose for their beds, and regardless of their preferences, each of these custom beds will come with a dreamy pillow top mattress and bespoke plaque detailing the painting and artist.

The actual artwork is visible on the headboard, although I doubt most of you will notice them once the sun goes down and you’re very tired. There’s also a catch to this bespoke offering, because each commission has to be personally approved by the National Gallery to make sure the design preserves the essence and integrity of one of the world’s greatest art institutes.

Artsy Savoir Beds

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