Sipping On Eggnog At Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Sounds Incredible

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

With the beautiful Lake Louise in front, and the imposing snow-covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies in the background, the incredible Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise puts out a luxurious vibe that gets me in the mood for sherry; after all, it’s the season to be jolly, and enjoying some eggnog in this extraordinary retreat should be on everyone’s list right now.

The picturesque hotel before you offers 19th-century styled rooms and nightly turndown service, with the pristine mountains and the emerald waters of Lake Louise adding to the overall appeal of this place. Since this stunning hotel is found right in the Banff National Park, you’ll be surrounded by nothing but natural beauty, and there are several ways you could be spending your free time here: hiking, riding horses, skiing or snowboarding.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

It all depends on the season you visit this place, really, but aside from our personal choices or preferences, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise aims to please everyone – and so it does. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible, in every aspect of your stay here, with wine pairings and the highest quality AAA Alberta beef teasing your senses inside the Fairview Dining Room for instance.

Considering the ancient glaciers around and the impressive vantage point of the hotel’s Lakeview Lounge, you probably won’t find anything to complain about. Actually, you might start complaining about having to return home.

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Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise