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Singapore’s Changi Airport Has a Brand New Terminal

By Victor Baker


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Changi Terminal 4

Spending long hours at the airport, while waiting for your flight to take off, is not really what most people have in mind when they’re thinking about exotic vacations and beautiful destinations; still, it is a reality that most of us have to experience. But Singapore’s amazing Changi Airport aims to change all that, by making you wish your flight would be delayed a little.

A true shopper’s paradise, packed with duty-free designer stores and several highly rated restaurants and cafes, the airport now shows off a brand new terminal, that aims to redefine airport experiences.

Set to open later this month, the new Terminal 4 was specially designed to charm all travelers with its modern boutique aesthetic, with superb décor elements and sculptures from both local and international designers, not to mention the 650-foot-long centerpiece called Petalclouds, which is animated by light and music.

Changi Terminal 4

Changi’s Terminal 4 will feature significant technological innovations, automated services, and improved safety and security features. Here, travelers will also get to experience a stunning Heritage Zone, that displays a façade inspired by the Peranakan shophouses, while an LED screen tells the Peranakan Love Story.

Other elements include a 70-meter-long LED screen meant to entertain travelers, a passageway of 160 trees that will separate boarding areas from the common area, not to mention the robotic cleaners that keep everything as clean as it should be. The future is here, and it looks absolutely incredible!

Changi Terminal 4


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