€14.8M San Gimignano Farm Will Easily Keep Your Mind Off Work

San Gimignano Farm

Found in the picturesque Italian hill town of San Gimignano, this magnificent farm is probably one of the most charming properties ever listed for sale in Tuscany. The mesmerizing farm before you covers a total of 243 ha worth of land, with vineyards, olive groves and woods, plus several residential buildings on-site promising about 6,200 square meters (66,736 sq. ft.) of pure awesomeness.

After a thorough restoration process, this spectacular estate retained all its original styling cues, and it can seduce you in more ways than one, although the wine production seems to stand out. 36 ha of Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, IGT Chardonnay, Chianti DOCG, IGT Rosso and 18 hectares of olives should definitely convince anyone that this property is not just a dream retreat in the heart of Tuscany, but it can also be a great investment opportunity.

San Gimignano Farm

Of course, there’s also a winery on site, featuring all the machinery and equipment needed for its complete operation and management, which means no meal here will be done without a delicious glass of wine from your very own production. Even better, this well-established business also has an in-house restaurant, providing you a significant source of revenue and the opportunity to never cook again.

The amount of space available makes further expansion of the vineyards and all agricultural activities a possibility, while the wildlife hunting opportunities already tease potential customers. With all that space you will inevitably require maintenance and upkeep, and you may be interested to learn how to get rid of a mouse in case you get an infestation.

An incredible investment opportunity as well as a beautiful and exclusive home, this lovely estate is a once-in-a-lifetime offering. That seems like enough to get you interested.

San Gimignano Farm