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Silvertop, One of L.A.’s Most Iconic Houses, On the Market for $7.5 Million

By Brody Patterson


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Silvertop, one of Los Angeles` most iconic houses, has recently been placed on the market.

The home was designed by acclaimed American architect John Lautner for a wealthy inventor called Kenneth Reiner, who spared no expense with the construction allowing Lautner to fully realize his creative vision. The result was a futuristic building which exceeded its initial estimated cost many times over.

With its arching concrete roof, cantilevered driveway, and infinity-edge pool, the construction was way ahead of its time and it took a real battle with the local authorities just to get it built. It captured the spirit of Los Angeles so well that it was used as a setting for the 1987 movie Less Than Zero (starring Robert Downey, Jr., among others).

Reiner eventually went bankrupt (the blank check he basically gave Lautner certainly didn’t help his finances) and the house was acquired by the Burchill family, who moved there in 1976. Jacklyn Burchill, now in her nineties, has put the house on the market for $7.5 million. This is definitely a reasonable price to pay for such an important house.

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