Ixion – A Windowless Aircraft Concept by Technicon Design

A few months ago, we’ve show you the S-512 by Spike Aerospace, an aircraft which did away with the passenger windows in order to provide them with much better views on large HD screens. Now, a different company has decided to take the same approach.

Instead of small windows which don’t really offer much in terms of view, the Ixion aircraft Technicon Design has conceived offers passengers 360-degree panoramic views on its huge displays, which use external cameras to capture real time images of the plane’s surroundings and play them back inside.

Once you start to go down this path, the possibilities are quite vast. The displays can be used to not only show outside views, but also video conferences (which would be quite a useful feature for private business jets), images that are not necessarily of the outside of the aircraft (but might be related to the flight’s destination), or even entertainment.

Whichever way this technology will eventually be employed, it’s great to see a growing number of companies thinking of new ways to revolutionize the in-flight experience – and among these, the Ixion windowless aircraft envisioned by Technicon Design is definitely worth further development.