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Semiramis Hotel Adds a Touch of Color to the Magic of Athens

By Victor Baker


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Semiramis Hotel

Athens, the cradle of democracy and Western civilization, is represented by countless ancient monuments and incredible works of art, with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery, giving us a wonderful glimpse of how advanced the Greeks were thousands of years ago.

But the gorgeous hotel you’re about to see right now, called Semiramis, is far from being that ancient, with this modern-day example of architecture and art promising to keep guests smiling and relaxed at all times. Travelers usually come to Athens to explore its breathtaking ancient sites and check out the impressive museums here, but experiencing the city’s eye catching Semiramis Hotel might just be equally memorable.

Semiramis Hotel

Industrial designer Karim Rashid imagined an incredible decor inside this high-end hotel, with a gorgeous mix of colors, boasting with aristocratic touches and bold decisions: rooms with pinks, yellows, blues, glitz, glam are all filled with his own personal artwork. Everything is alluring and avant-garde here, even the gym, lobby, and pool, which might distract you from the original purpose of your visit to Athens, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Located in the lovely suburb of Kifissia, the Semiramis hotel also allows guests to enjoy quality shopping and incredible dining experiences, while the ever so friendly locals will make any evening wonderful. But if you’re in town already, you totally need to check out the Agora, the Parthenon, Hadrian’s Arch, and all other interesting sights. Athens is a real treat for your eyes, and staying at this luxurious hotel might be the cherry on top.

Semiramis Hotel

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