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SeaXplorer By DAMEN Will Get You To Antarctica In Style

By Victor Baker


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I’m sure some of you have probably thought at one point in your lives about exploring the world’s most remote places, like Antarctica, but you quickly gave up on these ideas as soon as you thought about the extreme conditions and weather. Dutch shipyard DAMEN sees things in a different light, something that becomes obvious once you get a glimpse of their new SeaXplorer range.

The SeaXplorer lineup includes three vessels gorgeous vessels 65, 90 and 100 meters long, which came to life after various yachting clients approached the company about adapting their own professional vessels to create globally capable luxury explorer yachts.

That’s why the SeaXplorer range is well beyond a pretty rendering now, and it might hit the waves pretty soon.


DAMEN has left nothing to chance, with the lineup having been designed for true bespoke luxury exploration. Thousands of hours have been spent on research and ice tank testing, which is why these yachts can actually break through ice. Built with global exploration in mind, they have been equipped accordingly, allowing them to go up to 40 days without the need to visit a port.

WIth such capabilities of reaching  remote destinations, the SeaXplorer range is able to carry tenders, expedition gear, water toys, diving equipment and a decompression chamber, submersibles and two helicopters. I guess there’s everything you might need, and then some; so, I guess it’s time you thought about your next destination.


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