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Gorgeous amphibious vehicle – the Sealegs

By Brian Pho


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It’s already been ages since man had started trying to ease the transition between land and sea. The history of amphibious vehicles has featured a plethora of successes and failures as time went by, but it’s all for the good. The Sealegs is one of those amphibious vehicles that prove themselves to be quite efficient and good looking at the same time – an exclusive, luxury boat on wheels.

Thanks to the motorized wheels, the boat is able to drive forward or in reverse at speeds of around 6.2 mph thanks to the 24 HP Honda-driven hydraulic power-pack onboard. The moment the vehicle reaches water, the wheels are risen above the water line so that the pilot is able to control it more efficiently.

There are four different versions of the Sealegs: a 20.1-foot long 6.1M D-Tube meant for rugged fishing environments, with a beam width of 7.8 feet and cruising top speed of 40 mph; the 6.1M RIB – perfect for diving, waterskiing and fishing; the 7.1 RIB, able to accommodate up to 8 people thanks to its 23.5-foot length and extra space for family gatherings; the last but not the least is the 25.5-foot Recreation 7.7N CABIN – the largest of the lot, with a top speed of 42 mph and a beam width of 8.7 feet.

The pricing starts at $150,000 a unit, with plenty of optional extras – Lowrance HDS-7 with sonar and GPS, for better fish finding, all sorts of canopy covers, bait board for cleaning fish and many more.

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