A Sci-Fi Geek’s Dream – The Star Trek Themed Bell-Estate

Former FriendFinder CEO Marc Bell is selling his stunning Boca Raton estate, which in addition to the usual luxuries one might expect to find in such a high-end home, also has some additional selling points. You might even say it is a Sci-Fi geek’s dream home.

The feature which truly stands out is the home theater, built as a replica of the iconic bridge of the USS Enterprise. There’s even a sound system which recreates the unmistakable “woosh” you would hear whenever the doors on the ship open. But it’s not all about Star Trek in this amazing mansion: Star Wars-related stuff can also be found around the house (check out the gallery below, points if you spot Master Yoda!). And in order to take care of all you entertainment-related needs, there’s an arcade room with all the games you could ever need (pinball, table football, air hockey, billiards, and more) and even a Call of Duty-themed video game room.

Over to the more serious stuff, the mansion offers more than 27,000-square-feet of living space, comprising 8 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. There are also adequate facilities for those who enjoy outdoor activities – most notably an outdoor pool and a basketball court.

The Bell-Estate is priced at $35 million.