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Savoir Beds offer The Ultimate Sleeping Experience

By Victor Baker


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Renowned for making some of the world’s most luxurious beds, Savoir Beds has decided to take things up a notch by teaming up with the renowned Parisian architect and designer Robert Couturier, for a charming, one-a-kind piece that’s just too amazing to describe in words.

Inspired by the Art Deco furniture of the 1920’s, this superb bed resembles a gondola a little, with sinuous curves and elegant lines that would look absolutely amazing in a contemporary house. The subtle color combination between blue, silver and grey is also extremely appealing, with the finest materials being used on this amazing bed.

The luxurious fabrics on the bed come from Italian textile-editeur Dedar, with the surround frame being upholstered in Dedar’s Amoire Libre and the tufted headboard coming in Dedar’s Alexander fabric. The price for this superb bed is exactly $45,262, including a king-size Savoir No.2 bedset and a comfortable HW mattress topper.

Savoir Beds and Robert Couturier have also worked on a surprise for their customers, or actually, for their customers’ best friends, also releasing a cool dog bed design. In case you buy the luxurious bed, your dog could have its own chic little bed, finished in the same color theme as the owner’s bed, and priced at $3,850.

savoir beds

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