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The SEA HAWK Project by Hawk Yachts Is A Celebration Of Luxury

By Victor Baker


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One of the newcomers in the yacht design industry, Hawk Yachts, will premiere at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show their first mega yacht project, a gorgeous 103m vessel that will be first project from the company’s ultimate range of true explorer yachts.

Named SEA HAWK, this mesmerizing project was designed to be the perfect choice for world-wide exploration and adventure, blending sleek lines with beautiful curves and safety with luxury amenities. Passengers on this new yacht project by Hawk Yachts will be able to cruise the world in maximum safety, while being entertained and spoiled by the yacht’s amenities.

Designed to Polar Ice Class 6 level, this extraordinary vessel will be capable of 12,000 nm while offering three month’s storage capacity, which should be more than enough for an unforgettable around-the-world trip.


Matthias Bosse, the man behind Hawk Yachts, teamed up with designers Frank Neubelt and Diana Scott, as well as master mariner Michael Zerr and naval architects Andri Largiardèr and PolarKonsult, to come up with this potential jewel of the high seas.

The Sea Hawk might look spectacular in these shots, but it will also be highly capable, if it finds a visionary owner who can bring this baby to life. The futuristic concept will surely be a hit at the Monaco Yacht Show, where it will be officially revealed on Sep. 23rd.



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