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Salvatore Ferragamo’s Limited Edition Signorina in Rosso Is A Delicious Tease

By Victor Baker


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Signorina in Rosso

There are more ways than one to celebrate this Holiday season, and Salvatore Ferragamo seems to have found the right method to do it. The renowned Italian luxury goods company has just unveiled Signorina in Rosso, a limited edition of this exquisite fragrance that’s a shiny new way of appreciating this romantic scent.

The bespoke Signorina bottle before you seems to wear a unique shiny red dress, inspired by the iconic red color of Salvatore Ferragamo. Boasting with exclusivity and style, the bottle seems to blend in the luminosity of the pink gold Signorina logo with a ‘wow’ factor none of us can ignore.

Signorina in Rosso

The fragrance itself has remained almost unchanged, with just a few notes of the delicious Italian dessert Pannacotta having been added as an irresistible treat for everyone who decides to wear this perfume. What’s not to love?

Soft musks and intriguing woody patchouli tease all our senses with a racy Italian elegance, while the beautiful green vegetal notes, complemented by the femininity and classic touch of roses, charms everyone who comes near this perfume with an ocean of timeless romance. The Italians have always been passionate, and Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Signorina will give you a touch of passion as well.

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