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Salvatore Ferragamo and Gianni Bulgari Jewelry

By Adrian Prisca


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The jewelry market has recently been enriched with a great collaboration. Gianni Bulgari has united his forces with Salvatore Ferragamo to create three series of extravagant jewels, based on three iconic marks: the Gancino clasp, the Ferragamo buckle and the futuristic logo on the maison shoes.

The Futuristic series – based on Ferragamo’s famous label, with its origins back in the 1930s when it was created by Luciano Venna, this set includes earrings, pendants and ridged bracelets made with Sterling silver. They were crafted using a new method, the Spider Web as Ferragamo calls it.

The Vara series – their main influence comes from the Ferragamo buckle, used in silver cabochon rings and bracelets, or even gold and diamond versions. The Gancino line uses components from purse closures and binds the principle to the gold and pick pieces that are ornate with semiprecious gems or diamonds.

The Ferragamo lines can be interchangeable, depending on the creativity of the customer, with endless possibilities. One may purchase them starting the end of October, in the US, Japan, Europe and APAC, in only a few top-class stores.


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