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Safehaven Marine’s Thunder Child Storms Through the Waves

XSV 17 Thunder Child

I’m a problem child, or at least that’s what an AC/DC song used to tell me while I was growing up. But this menacing vessel represents Safehaven Marine’s Thunder Child and that’s a completely different story. Looking like a gift from Thor, this thing was specially designed to remove the idea of capsizing from any passenger’s mind.

Capsizing happens when a boat overturns on the water and that’s one of the most dangerous possibilities of sailing. But the XSV 17 Thunder Child is a powerboat that’s almost impossible to capsize, and that’s just part of its appeal. Is Daniel Craig around? He might be interested in one of these.

XSV 17 Thunder Child

Thunder Child stands out thanks to its ability to keep on going no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Incredibly buoyant, due to its low center of gravity and amazing design all around, this sleek vessel could house up to 16 passengers. Twin turbocharged and supercharged Caterpillar C12.9 diesel engines will offer them the thrills of a lifetime, with 2,000 hp taking this thing up to 62 mph with ease.

Safehaven Marine’s new project will sail for as far as 750 nautical miles, which might not be what most yacht owners would expect, yet it’s very impressive. There’s no word on purchase costs or any other feature yet, but I think it’s safe to assume everyone will be left in awe after getting a glimpse of this thing.

XSV 17 Thunder Child


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