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Royal Huisman’s Project LOTUS Comes in a Pair: a Support Vessel and a Sailing Yacht

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Royal Huisman Lotus 9

The newest concept from Royal Huisman, Project LOTUS, comes with an interesting idea: a pair of spectacular yachts, with a 70 meter support vessel and an 88 meter DynaRig sailing yacht. Both have a similar signature and promise to offer the ultimate experience in different fields, sailing and entertainment.

The idea is being put into practice by the design studio ThirtyC and DynaRig specialists Dykstra Naval Architects. With the DynaRig proving its usefulness on both the stunning Maltese Falcon and the Black Pearl superyachts, it’s no wonder it’s now adopted for Project LOTUS’ sailing yacht as well. The idea behind DynaRig took birth back in the 1960s and was further developed to what it is today by Dykstra.

Royal Huisman Lotus 8

Unfortunately we don’t have too many details about these yachts yet but these photos are more than enough to make us daydream. The 88 meter LOTUS sailing yacht features an extensive foredeck which can be transformed into a swimming pool with a canopy cover, or into an open air cinema. The vessel can also hold two boats in its tender garage.

Meanwhile, the 70 meter LOTUS companion vessel has room for even more fun water toys. It can house several yacht tenders, jet skis, small sailing boats, submarines and it even comes with a helicopter hangar if you want to go on land faster. Since we can’t decide on our favorite, I think it’s best to get them in pair.

Royal Huisman Lotus 11

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