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Round Whirlpool Bathtub by Hafro: new Bolla Sfioro

By Adrian Prisca


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The Italian bathroom brand Hafro is now richer thanks to its new creation, the Bolla Sfioro round whirlpool bathtub. It’s designed by the renowned Franco Bertoli and combines luxury with the efficient use of space and beauty. The tub can bear a high quantity of water, to indulge its users with the feel of warmness and coziness.

It’s perfect to be put in the middle the room, due to its endless lines and round shape. It’s like the tub invites people to get a soak in it and relax, while watching your favorite soap opera. This luxury amenity comprises a generous pack of parameters, functions and settings.

It features a built-in electronic temperature control system and timer, a disinfection system and skimmer, for a long period of usage, without the risk of getting sick, Airpool and Whirlpool hydro-massage features. It’s completely customizable buy its owner, in a very easy manner.

It comes in two main models, with either a built-in model or with an infinity-edge as a freestanding model, with the design simply based on water. The package also contains four different installation instructions and models.


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