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Rough Crafts’ Yamaha MT-07 ‘Onyx Blade’ Will Get Anyone Scared

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Yamaha MT-07 ‘Onyx Blade’

The Taipei-based aftermarket specialists from Rough Crafts have recently unveiled yet another unique motorcycle project, this time in the form of this beastly version of the Yamaha MT-07, that was beautifully called Onyx Blade.

Looking absolutely incredible from front to back, this hair-rising motorcycle has been fitted with custom-made components, not to mention a menacing sense of style – could you find a better description than that? Come to think of it, the Punisher seems to be the perfect client for such a ravishing customized bike.

Yamaha MT-07 ‘Onyx Blade’

How do you feel about the fact that most of the bike’s bodywork has been replaced by angular matte-black aluminum pieces? That killer vibe is also complemented by the fork covers, with the Onyx Blade looking like a powerful tool, or simply a killer machine – anyone else thinks about the Terminator when looking at this thing?

The headlight grill and the instrument panel on the fuel tank were not designed in haste either, and the gallery below will easily support said statement. I wouldn’t get to close to this bike, if I were you, but if you’ve ever dreamed about owning a one-of-a-kind bike, Rough Crafts could easily turn your dreams into reality.

Yamaha MT-07 ‘Onyx Blade’

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