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Rolls-Royce goes all out on water with the Crystal Blue Concept

By Victor Baker


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Crystal Blue Concept

Rolls-Royce has just revealed a stunning superyacht concept in Amsterdam these days, called Crystal Blue, a hybrid vessel that surprised everyone who attended the Global Superyacht Forum last week.

Based on an advanced hybrid propulsion platform, this fresh LNG fuel-driven yacht will pack twin MTU M65-N generator sets, connected to a massive battery bank that provides 1MWh of power, while two carbon Azipull thrusters will take this yacht to a top speed of 20 knots.

Looking towards the future, this vessel was designed to operate together with Blue Shadow, a 42-meter remotely controlled support vessel. The latter will keep fuel supplies close by, as well as the very appreciated water toys, while Crystal Blue’s fuel tanks will hold juice for up to 3,000 nautical miles.

Crystal Blue Concept

But Blue Shadow’s presence nearby could improve the aforementioned range to 4,400 nautical miles. The futuristic approach to yacht building continues on-board, where the crew will be able to monitor and control the vessel using sophisticated sensors, several cameras and display screens, that would make most professional gamers feel inadequate.

Crystal Blue is just another example of Rolls Royce’s pursuit to innovate, both on land or on water. The company’s Unified Bridge design can be already found in many large superyachts and also the technology from its first remote-controlled tugboat is quickly spreading out around the world. We’re really looking forward to find out more details about this project.


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