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Ralph Lauren Purple Label Skull Cufflinks

By Adrian Prisca


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If you swim in a pool of gold coins and you really want to stand out of the pack we present you a pair of cufflinks from Ralph Lauren that will surely turn a lot of heads. These cufflinks are in the form of little white gold skulls that features moveable jaws which hide a pair of diamond eyes when the jaws are closed and then reveal themselves when open.

Even though this skull shaped cufflinks might seem a bit awkward and scary, they’re surely a lovely item for a fashionista who wants to make an impression. These diamond eyed skull cufflinks are part of Ralph’s Lauren Purple Label and they even come in a special Ralph Lauren presentation box.

Now the bad part at the end of the article: These Ralph Lauren Purple Label Skull Cufflinks are priced at “just” $9,995! Yeah, that’s how much you should pay for a pair of diamond eyed skull cufflinks. There’s also a less exciting version of these cufflinks without the diamonds and the creepy skull that’s priced at around $400.


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