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Philippe Starck MyWorld Lounge Systems

With most probably stress and bother in mind, Philippe Starck has come up with a staggeringly superb collection of lounge systems dubbed My World.

It is meant for the people who cherish life, who respect this miracle of nature, who are ready to spent a few hours a day just sitting and doing nothing. My World has been created in close partnership with the Italian furniture brand Cassina, and it is pretty much unique.

Immensely attractive and elegant, the collection sports superbly designed fixtures to provide some utterly good lounge times. The luxury sofa is fitted with privacy dividers, USB charger, Duracell Powermat wireless charging solution and a side table with secluded power outlets, all of the mentioned being gorgeously hidden away from view, inside the box-cupboard.

My World lounge system is currently available as a two-seater sofa, armchair, chaise-lounge, pouf or three-seater with two massive incorporated drawers and music system inside. Uttermost possible levels of comfort are being provided by a set of feather-cushions. Stunning!



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