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Phase One Teams up with Sony for the XF 100MP Camera

By Victor Baker


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Phase One XF 100MP

Nothing out of the ordinary there, until you find out that the new Phase One XF 100MP camera has been specially designed to offer users astonishing 100-megapixel images, making every professional’s day a lot more exciting. The renowned Danish camera maker has joined forces with Sony for this incredible project, which allows us to benefit from superior image resolution, thanks to an impressive 100MP CMOS full-frame sensor.

Capable of delivering true 16-bit color, 15 f-stops of dynamic range, live view capturing with HDMi output, an ISO ranging from 50 to 12,800, and exposure times of up to 60 minutes, this magnificent camera deserves your full and undivided attention right now. And I think it’s safe to say there are a few reasons to celebrate.

Phase One XF 100MP

The Phase One XF also brags about interesting features such as the ‘honeybee’ auto focus platform, vibration tracking, electronic first curtain shutter, and vibration detection technology. This means that users will keep on smiling, regardless of the location of their shots or subjects, and everything should turn out great.

It’s also worth mentioning that this new camera will allow software upgrades and the addition of several goodies. Once professionals will get their hands on this camera, they will also love the interchangeable prism viewfinder, the waist level finder, and many other features.

The XF 100MP is already the highest performing camera from Phase One, so it’s probably not meant to be affordable, although there is no info on purchase costs yet.

Phase One XF 100MP

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