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Pennsylvania’s Fatland Estate, Up for Sale at Just $3.95 Million

Fatland Estate

Nestled just a few minutes outside of Philadelphia, the marvelous Fatland Estate can be found in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and allows anyone who takes a glance of it to be instantly teleported back in time. This is probably one of the most beautiful homes in all of Pennsylvania, and it’s set on a stunning property covering 11.29 acres of spectacular grounds, which dates back to 1776 – the same year when the Declaration of Independence has been signed.

The property, also known as “Vaux Hill” shows off a stunning Greek Revival Mansion at its center, designed by the renowned Philadelphia architect John Haviland, and of course, it was beautifully restored and even expanded as the years went by, so there’s no way anyone could find something to criticize about this place – not even the price-tag.

Fatland Estate

The expansive rooms, huge windows, and mesmerizing terraces are ideal for enjoying a peaceful day in the outskirts of Philadelphia, and speaking of relaxation, the Valley Forge National Park should also help you with that. Please note that this stunning property also includes an elegant pool, a stylish pool house, as well as a tennis court and horse pastures.

I’m guessing that the $3.95-million purchase cost will not discourage anyone, and they’d be lucky to own such an incredible piece of property, especially since the Fatland Estate was once listed for sale at a cool $9 million. Going home has never sounded better!

Fatland Estate


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