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Past Meets Present with the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept

By Victor Baker


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Porsche 911 Speedster Concept

If you don’t know this yet, Porsche is celebrating seventy years of activity and automotive superlatives this year, which is why we’re now allowed to admire this bad boy. The Porsche 911 Speedster Concept was inspired by the very first Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, and it features many vintage-looking elements, beautifully mixed with the modern 911 lines.

The gorgeous Speedster features a shorter windshield frame, shorter side windows and a carbon fiber rear decklid, but that’s just a small part of the story. It reminds me a little bit of the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, although the body has received all new fenders, a front trunk lid and a rear decklid made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite material.

Porsche 911 Speedster Concept

The paintwork is unique as well –  a marvelous blend between traditional GT Silver Metallic and White – while other touches, such as the 50s-style central fuel tank cap and the Talbot shape of the exterior mirrors, allow this Porsche to stand out of any crowd easily. The 911 Speedster also comes with  21″ center locking Fuchs-design alloys, another first for Porsche.

Built around a GT3 chassis, this superb concept boasts a lightweight tonneau cover, with the cabin showing off carbon fiber bucket seats and light brown natural leather in Cognac – no other modern comforts here. Under the hood, a naturally aspirated flat-six develops 500 hp and a six-speed manual transmission helps it put its money where its noise is.

A series of special events is planned to celebrate Porsche’s 70th anniversary this year, although this vehicle won’t take over the streets any time soon.

Porsche 911 Speedster Concept

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