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Pan Pacific Seattle Invites you to the Emerald City in Style

Pan Pacific Seattle

Jet City, The Rattle, City of Flowers, the Coffee Capital of the World, or Emerald City, are just a few nicknames for which Seattle is well known, although some tourists like to define it as Rain City – I’m sure all Frasier will recognize that. But Pan Pacific Seattle strays away from all these nicknames and allows visitors to experience luxurious living, right in the shadow of the world-famous Space Needle.

Part of Seattle’s 2200 Plaza, which is filled with wonderful restaurants, retail stores, lovely condominiums and even a small spa, the Pan Pacific Seattle hotel is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to travel to Washington. The Experience Music Project and the popular Chihuly Garden and Glass are just a few steps away from the hotel, and any other major city attractions are at most 20 minutes away.

Pan Pacific Seattle

Regardless of taste and preferences, your room will feature a charming decor, with four-fixture bathrooms and soaking tubs, wide plasma-screen TVs hanging opposite Hypnos beds spread with Egyptian linens and views of Seattle that will be stuck in your head forever – it’s just what the doctor ordered when it comes to kicking back and enjoying life in this town.

Feel free to note that Pan Pacific Seattle is also ideal for business meetings and events, although traveling should be all about free time and fun ways to spend it and cool people to do that with. So, pack your bags, get your dog and let your relatives know where they might find you. Good luck and have fun!

Pan Pacific Seattle


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