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Own a Piece of History at the charming Taymouth Castle

By Victor Baker


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Taymouth Castle

One of the most famous castles in all of Great Britain, the Taymouth Castle is currently being converted into a lavish 5-star hotel, that will include a state of the art spa, a couple of restaurants, a wonderful equestrian center and an 18-hole golf course, plus several privately owned suites, built in a unique architectural style, with all their original features mixed beautifully with modern amenities.

This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a castle, that just happens to be a beautiful scenic estate, with world-class facilities and service. Taymouth Castle will offer for sale 8 one-bedroom suites, nestled in a part of the castle that has been created in 1818-19 by William Atkinson, which can be purchased as whole suites or 13th fraction ownership leases.

Taymouth Castle

Located on the shores of Loch Tay, Scotland, Taymouth Castle is probably the best place to start exploring this charming part of the world, with mountains, lochs and forests, joined together to create one of the most incredible landscapes one could see.

The castle aims to offer a total experience to its lucky guests and the privileged owners of these eight suites, with fishing, golfing and horse riding being just a few of the activities you’ll try out here. Please note that owning the title to a suite here means you will be owning a piece of history – not to mention the rights to brag about exclusivity and royal vibes.

Taymouth Castle


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