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One Degree of Freedom (OneDoF) Turntable

By Adrian Prisca


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Priced at $150,000, the OneDoF (One Degree of Freedom) Turntable is the first in history that comprises a “self-centering platter bearing in a non-resonant liquid suspension”. It has been designed by Aleks Bakman, NASA-awarded aerospace engineer. The point of the contraption was to eliminate distortion and surplus noises while enjoying some fine music.

And the producers, experienced Swiss craftsmen and American engineers, succeeded, thanks to its innovative vertical “floating” motor. Along these, there is also a Texas Instruments microprocessor that controls everything and a synchronous motor wound in coreless skew that eliminates cogs and assures ripple free operation.

It can accommodate three tone arms on a tower with on-the-fly Vertical Tracking Angle adjustment that insures a smooth, non-interrupted sound. It weighs around 23 kg. An important aspect is that it actually doesn’t cost the mentioned sum. One needs to pay an additional $9,750 for each of the 2 tri-planar tone-arms, plus a Benz LP Cartridge.

The total sum isn’t much more than the initial price, but it’s worth spending.


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