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The OM/ONE Floating Bluetooth Speaker is a Really Cool Gadget

By Brody Patterson


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California-based audio equipment manufacturer OM Audio has created quite an interesting gadget in the form of the OM/ONE Bluetooth speaker. Not only does this unique spherical speaker deliver sound of the highest quality, it also does this while actually floating in the air!

The OM/ONE is available in black, white, and even disco ball, comes with a finely tuned 75mm audio driver, and outputs 110 decibels with a three-watt RMS amplifier. It can connect wirelessly to smartphones, computers, or tablets, allowing the user to interact with it from a distance of up to 33 feet, and also has an integrated battery which can support up to 15 hours of play at 70% volume.

The OM/ONE’s most impressive feature, however, is the fact that it can float above its base, a feat achieved with the aid of magnets. Eye-catching as this is, it is more than just a gimmick: the fact that the device isn’t physically connected to anything means it can deliver sound without any kind of distortion. And if you get two of these, you can actually get “true surround sound.”

Pre-order sale price for the OM/ONE is $199, but early backers (on the crowdfunding website Tilt Open) can get it for $179, with deliveries expected to start in December. The disco ball version will cost $299, while for $1000 you can get two of these speakers custom-made in whatever color you want.



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