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“World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet” – The Skully AR-1

By Brody Patterson


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Introducing the Skully AR-1, touted by its creators as “the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet”.

Before anything else, a helmet has to be designed for safety, as well as performance, and the Skully AR-1 certainly does not fall short in any of these departments. It is DOT/ECE certified and features a fog, scratch, and glare resistant visor, as well as quick release chin strap and visor. The helmet is lightweight and aerodynamic, comes in all sizes (from S to XXL), and even has interchangeable padding inserts.

But the things that make the Skully AR-1 so impressive are hi-tech features like the integrated heads-up display, rearview camera, and GPS-navigation. The display, position outside the rider’s primary field of view and appearing about six meters (20 feet) away, shows navigation info, a 180-degree rear-view and blind spot data, and can even be connected to a smartphone, thus incorporating mobile phone-related functions and features.

The Skully AR-1 is currently raising money through an Indiegogo campaign. You can order one now for the price of $1,399, with deliveries set to commence in May 2015.

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