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OD Ocean Drive is the Perfect Retreat after a Night in Ibiza

By Victor Baker


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OD Ocean Drive

Whether you’re planning to go to Ibiza for the island’s electrifying club scene this summer, or for its beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets, fine dining, and the charming old town, you will need a place to wind down after an unforgettable day, or night, in this Balearic paradise.

And that’s where the charming OD Ocean Drive hotel comes in, with its spectacular Art Deco style, painted with a minimal, modern brush. Nestled just a few steps away from Ibiza’s iconic Pacha nightclub, this hotel is even more stunning at night, when it’s lit by blue neon lights and visible from almost every corner of Ibiza’s bay.

If you don’t fancy the idea of partying with renowned DJs like Martin Garrix or Calvin Harris until sun-up, OD Ocean Drive will easily show you that there’s more to Ibiza than parties. The island does, in fact, have four seasons, and this place is open year-round, ready to seduce you with magical views, amazing service and superb amenities.

OD Ocean Drive

With only 40 chic rooms on offer, with cozy patios looking either over the bay or mountains, OD Ocean Drive will also impress its guests with minimal decor, free WiFi and flat-screen TVs, but to be honest, I don’t know why would anyone spend time in this place watching TV.

For instance, checking out the hotel’s gorgeous rooftop terrace, called the Sky Bar, is an activity you should definitely immerse yourself into. And if you like to sleep in, this high-end hotel might be perfect for you, since breakfast is served until 4PM, while the restaurant will constantly dish out perfect plates, including Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Are you ready to party?

OD Ocean Drive

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