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World’s Most Expensive Earrings: Apollo & Artemis Diamonds

Apollo & Artemis Diamonds

People who keep a close eye on the amazing auctions at Sotheby’s are known for spending quite a lot of money on outrageous and very desirable pieces. But the exclusive ‘Magnificent and Noble Jewels’ sale in Geneva was even better than expected, with the arrival of a pair of exceptionally beautiful mismatched earrings, valued at £55 million or a little over $71 million US.

That would make them the world’s most expensive earrings, by a long margin. These exquisite two brightly colored diamonds were named Apollo and Artemis, and then they were cut and polished luxuriously to adorn a very lucky lady’s ears. Artemis is a fancy 16-carat Intense pink diamond, while the Apollo is considered to be a 14.54-carat Fancy Vivid blue diamond.

Apollo & Artemis Diamonds

As you can probably imagine, this pair is a one-off treat, one that would attract a lot of attention from some of the world’s wealthiest people and collectors. Marketed as ‘The divine diamond twins’ by Sotheby’s, these stunning diamond earrings will require a massive financial effort to be purchased as a set, that’s why no bank account around the world is safe in the face of these beauties.

Even if you’re not a big fan of diamonds, you have to admit the timeless elegance of these earrings will make anyone’s day.



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