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Oceanco’s Tuhura Concept is the Superyacht of the Future

Tuhura Concept

The renowned Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco has introduced a new incredible 377-foot mega yacht concept called Tuhura and we couldn’t be happier. Imagined together with Lobanov Design Studio, interior designer Achille Salvagni, and BMT Nigel Gee, this spectacular concept boasts a superb exterior styling which reminds us of early canoes, just like the first vessels used by indigenous people many years ago.

East Asia and all those exotic islands in the Pacific represented Oceanco’s main influence for this vessel, something that becomes obvious when you take a closer look at its sophisticated interiors. A brushed teak habitat, including gunmetal and natural bronze elements, is the perfect match for Lobanov’s impressive exterior.

BMT was in charge of the yacht’s sleek hull and propulsion system, while the simple and ultra efficient canoe-styled form should give this yacht a low resistance and superb maneuverability.

Tuhura Concept

The humble elegance and sensuality of the organic shapes still have a great aesthetic value in the 21st century, and this superyacht might be one of the best examples. The hull was imagined with multiple horizontal windows, with advanced glass technologies allowing passengers to enjoy privacy while savoring the blissful sea views from the inside.

The impressive black superstructure atop is made up of flat glass panels, but that’s just part of this yacht’s incredible appeal. Oceanco and its partners will most likely pack this vessel with state of the art equipment that will make this project one of the most incredible superyachts you’ve ever seen. We’re sure some billionaire out there is already thinking about Tuhura.

Tuhura Concept


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