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Now You Can Hire a Private Jet for Photoshoots

Private Jet for Photoshoots

We love private jets in all shapes and sizes, from the weird to the wonderful. The chance to get to an exotic location in record time whilst receiving the best hospitality possible in a beautiful jet is one of the best experiences known to man. For many, the best part about taking a private jet is actually being able to shout out about it on social media! Taking loads of pictures while inside the plane is bound to catch the eye of your followers and make them just a little bit jealous. However, there could be an easier way…

A company based in Moscow named Private Jet Studio has begun hiring out a Gulfstream G650 for two-hour photoshoots, which cost around $240 with a professional photographer or $189 without. For close to $440, there’s also an option to hire a videographer. It’s possible to add extras like professional hair and makeup if you don’t feel like handling that yourself. With this service, you get all the perks of flying in a private jet, although you unfortunately don’t get to actually go anywhere!

Private Jet for Photoshoots

The company states: “This is the biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft. The luxurious interior of the aircraft is made of high-quality and natural materials. You can organise an unusual and unforgettable photo shooting for yourself and your customers, which they will never forget.”

Although we can imagine most people would actually prefer to hire their own private jet to go on a trip – mostly due to the fact that booking a charter flight is a lot easier these days – but we can still see the value in simply wanting some high quality pictures to share on your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. After all, if someone says “pictures or it didn’t happen” when you said you boarded a private jet, you’ve got the evidence!

Still on the topic of private jets, luxury tour company Abercrombie & Kent is going to be delivering perhaps the most amazing holiday available. For a price of $150,000 per ticket, you’ll get an around-the-world tour via a private jet lasting 25 days. However, only 50 people can go on the trip, so best be quick if you plan on doing it!

Private Jet for Photoshoots

The dates for the luxury tour are October 18 to November 21, 2018, and includes accommodation, food, a personal tour guide, doctor and photographer. As for the locations you’ll get to see, there’s Nicaragua, Easter Island, New Zealand, Southern India, Georgia, Patagonia, Australia, and several more.

These once-in-a-lifetime trips don’t come along very often, so to have a luxury tour of this magnitude available is not something to be taken lightly. “I can’t think of a more fulfilling way to discover a new destination than by sharing the experience with people that share my passion for travel adventure,” said founder of Abercrombie & Kent, Geoffrey Kent. “We’ll be circling the world to explore destinations I’ve always wanted to experience in person, as well as a few of my favorites, which we’ll offer up in an entirely new way.”

So, which private jet will you be taking today?

Private Jet for Photoshoots



  1. Rashaina Dias August 13, 2020

    I am trying to see how much it’ll cost to do a video/photo shoot on one of your private jets


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