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The Triton 600 Is The Newest Private Jet From XTI Aircraft

By Victor Baker


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Triton 600

Trying to blow everyone else out of the water, XTI aircraft have been rethinking the way we travel. Ignoring all boundaries and limitations, the aircraft maker has combined a helicopter’s ability to take off and land from almost anywhere, with the speed and range of the typical private jets.

What resulted is the Trifan 600, a six-seater private jet which will impress with its speed and also its ability to take off and land vertically. Designed to fly as fast, as high (above predominant weather) and as far as other business jets, this amazing aircraft will allow passengers to enjoy unparalleled cabin space as well.

Triton 600

This incredibly versatile plane will be even available in medical evacuation or air ambulatory configurations, with a horizontal stretcher and three seats for medical personnel or patient companions. If you want it for business or personal needs, the plane will have a spacious interior, tastefully decorated with luxury surfaces and high end features.

In case you’re wondering how exactly it takes off and lands vertically, you should know that the Trifan 600 uses three ducted fans to lift vertically in seconds, before transitioning for high speed flight. The people at XTI aircraft aim to change the way we understand flight and we’re sure that this futuristic design will get anyone really excited.

Triton 600


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