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Nova is a high-tech iphone controlled climbing wall concept

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you looking for something new and useful to decorate your home with? We’ve found this stunning feature recently. It can work as something to climb on, in case you fancy seeing the world from above the Everest or Mont Blanc, or simply as a décor, and the best part is that it’s controllable through an iPhone app.

Lunar Europe have named it Nova, as if you’re not feeling the need to climb, it can be turned into an interesting piece of sculpture in a few moments. The backlit shape will then make for a rather interesting thing to look at.

The respective iPhone app can check on your climbing performance and can light the intended route as you go up the wall. The climbing performance is actually based on the difficulty level. In terms of looks, the machine follows a cut-out pattern which, we can say, is quite beautiful and elegant.

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