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New York’s Highlands Castle Is Looking For A New Owner

By Victor Baker


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Highlands Castle

Have you always felt like royalty, although no drop of ‘blue blood’ runs through your veins? Here’s your chance to change your life for the better, as the Highlands Castle in New York is the residence you were always looking for, without knowing it.

Poised on a beautiful mountainside in Upstate New York, this luxurious castle might just be yours for a few million dollars. The stonewalls, iron gates and surrounding forestry are all included in the package, making you feel just like a king.

The castle shows off stained glass doors, a Great Hall guarded by two wooden knights, not to mention that much desired and appreciated medieval vibe.

Highlands Castle

One room even hides a secret stairway, which leads to the lower level and once you get there, a secret bookshelf passageway will lead you to a large entertaining space. This place will definitely make it easier to feel like an evil ruler, although we do not encourage that kind of behavior.

The price for this exquisite property hasn’t been disclosed yet, but you can always ask for more info and details at Sothebys. I’m sure this castle it’s worth every single penny.

Highlands Castle

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