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Movado Makes Our Day With Three New Elegant Smartwatches

By Victor Baker


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If you’ve already seen a couple of watches from the beautiful Movado Museum collection, I’m sure you’re familiar with the chic metallic disc located at 12 o’clock. Movado has recently introduced three new watches in this elegant collection, the Museum Bold Motion, the Museum Bellina Motion and the Museum Sport Motion, which are actually the brand’s first smartwatches.

You wouldn’t know that just by looking at them, as they resemble the classic Movado Museum watch, but a close inspection of the subdial will reveal the truth. Before we get into the details about each of these watches, let’s talk business and prices.

The Movado Bold Motion is the entry-level option from this collection, starting off at $695; the Movado Museum Sport Motion will set you back between $ 995 and 1,495, while the top of the range Movado Bellina Motion costs between $ 1,495 and $1,695.

So, what does that kind of money get you? Well, the Movado Museum Sport Motion’s subdial comprises a small moon and the word “activity”, where your activity and sleep tracking are displayed. The 39 mm Movado Bellina Motion looks a bit more stylish, hence the bigger price, but basically provides you with the same functions, including your activity tracking.



On the other hand, if notifications on your wrist are just not your style, then the Movado Bold Motion is what you want. With the same stylish lines part of the package, this watch is more tech-oriented. The edge of the indices feature embedded LEDs, which allow the user to get various notifications (texts, emails, etc), along with haptic (read: vibrating) feedback.

Furthermore, these Movado watches are rechargeable, which means you shouldn’t be too careful with your battery use. Although the MotionX-powered watches rely on coin cells, the rechargeable versions will provide you with a week’s worth of usage.

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