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New Uma by COMO Resort in Punakha, Bhutan

By Adrian Prisca


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Our work-focused daily life unfortunately tends to get a bit overwhelming, lounging and relaxation becoming real needs at the same time. Get to Bhutan if you feel tiredness engulfing you, among lush verdant landscapes, within the staggering Punakha Valley.

The new Uma by COMO resort in Punakha is a magnificent place to choose for a few weeks off, comprising a total of 11 rooms on a superbly flowing hillside. Providing the best sunset and sunrise views possible, it is located a five hour’s drive away from its sister resort, in Paro.

One of the strongest points of the resort is the possibility to take on venturesome itineraries  throughout the local hillsides. Just a few meters away, cycling, hiking and white-water rafting are at your disposal. The resort is able to provide you with expert, highly experienced guides who are able to ensure all important safety.

An especially stunning natural beauty is the Mo Chu river, which meanders through the emerald faces of the local hillsides all the way to the blue horizon. Additionally, the Uma Punakha villas, designed by the Balinese architect Cheong Yew Kuan, provide a great deal of comfort to the resort’s guests alongside an earthen like color palette and ample amounts of natural light.

In terms of accommodation, the villas feature one or two bedrooms, depending on guests’ choice, providing enough space for both loners and family men. The villas come with rather interesting wood burning stoves, state of the art, hand painted Bhutanese wall motifs and oversized, extremely comfortable beds.

In terms of dining possibilities, the Bukhari, Uma Punakha’s private open plan lounge bar and restaurant, is able to pamper guests with the best local delicacies and seasonal ingredients. In addition, the folk at COMO Shambhala Retreat are able to show you the true meaning of relaxation through superb massage techniques, body therapy sessions and a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath.

In order to entice enthusiasts and to thoroughly unveil the handsomeness of the area, COMO have already come up with a very interesting package, the “Himalayan Explorer”. The 5 or 7 nights package provides visits to the Bumdra Monastery Camp, COMO’s private wilderness campsite up in the Himalayan mountains accessible via segregated mountain paths.


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