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New Collection of Luxury Sneakers by Tom Ford

By Brody Patterson


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“Luxury sneakers” isn’t an oxymoron anymore. Established sports brands like Nike and Adidas are already doing it, so it’s only natural that fashion designers would get in on the action from the other side of things. World-famous designer Tom Ford, known for his work at Guccci and YSL, has been trying his hand at creating a line of sneakers for men and the result is quite interesting.

The collection consists of 12 models, in both high and low top styles, and featuring a wide range of colors and materials: from vivid red, to the more classic brown and black, and from leather to velvet. Admittedly less sporty than you’d expect for a pair of sneakers, the shoes would nevertheless be a great choice for people used to more formal footwear who want to try on something different.

The prices for these elegant sneakers range from $690 to $990, with the leather versions being the more expensive. The full collection will be available come fall, but some models are already available on the Tom Ford website.


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