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NEKK Villa in Saint Tropez Is €17,850,000 Of Pure Style

By Victor Baker


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NEKK villa

Les Parcs de Saint Tropez have became a reality back in the 1950s, for decades being a shining example of the excellence in real estate. This 400-hectare domain, is guarded 24/7, allowing its guests to benefit from the ultimate luxury and here you can find some of the most incredible mansions from Saint Tropez.

NEKK Villa is the perfect example of what the ultimate in luxury means, and it will cost you €17,850,000 to find that out on your own. Located on a 4,800 square-meters plot on the south slope, NEKK comes with a superb terrace and beautiful eateries.

With over 400 square-meters of living space, this lavish villa looks simply wonderful from every inch you look at it, boasting 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and even a few incredible passageways. The lounge and dining room are some of the most important areas of this property, reminiscent of Mediterranean Palace partitions, with colors phasing from mineral white to off-white and bluish-grey.

NEKK villa

The NEKK Villa will impress everyone with its holistic contemporary design and sophisticated amenities. Take the 15 m pool, for instance, or the spacious garage meant to accommodate 7 vehicles. The surrounding landscape is equally stunning, featuring a blend of olive trees, grasses and colorful plants.

A blissful day would start right next to that pool and it will probably end on the dreamy terrace, with a glass of exquisite wine in your hands. The NEKK Villa is the perfect definition of French charm and its price certainly seems to hint that.

NEKK villa


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